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Tracksolid 10-year online tracking license for cloud camera systems for cars - for live camera tracking and GPS location of cameras from the Profio Electronics brand. Thanks to the Tracksolid system (Web/App), you will never miss the movement of the monitored camera. Live camera tracking and GPS camera locations from the Profio Electronics brand. Location tracking using the application or the online web platform Tracksolid for a period of 10 years. For example, an online platform or application can track motion, view live camera images, set virtual boundaries, or view vehicle motion history. The web interface

You get all these functions by purchasing a license

Tracking the movement of cameras and locators online:

Thanks to the online platform as well as the online Tracksolid application (available for Android and iOS), you can monitor one or more cameras or locators on the map at any time. And so you will always know where the monitored vehicle or object is located.

tracksolid - online tracking license

trackolid vehicle tracking


Monitoring system with vehicle protection functions

Live video transmission from a camera or GPS location - remote real-time tracking

live tracking vehicle image

All cameras or locators under one account:

If you have several locators, you do not have to have a separate account for each one, you only need one access through which you can monitor any number of your GPS locators or cameras.

tracksolid - gps tracking

Virtual borders and route surveillance:

Using the application or the Tracksolid web interface, you can outline the route along which the device should move, or define the space in which it can move. If a disturbance occurs, e.g. the car will come out of the predetermined route you will receive a notification in the application.

tracksolid - geo fence function


Tracksolid can store recording history for up to 7 days. The records are stored on a cloud server.

tracksolid - tracking gps locator


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