Why DOD cameras?

I'm sure many of you are wondering why exactly DOD car camera should be the right choice when buying Autochambers.   Compared to competition from other manufacturers have DOD Tech Co., Ltd., also benefit in that specializes exclusively in the manufacture of cameras in the car since 2005 which are the years of experience, innovation and indisputably high-quality optics and overall presentation. Products have unique design, custom software, and are made ​​from top quality components that will certainly satisfy themselves that there is no doubt why they are the best selling and highest quality Autochambers in the world.

Graph of individual models DOD cameras by years

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DOD Tech company operates in more than 50 countries, and we are proud that already has offices in Central Europe - www.dod-tec.co 


Here you can find a detailed overview of features and innovative features DOD cameras:


Advanced Chip - a new generation of advanced processor
Performance and videos up to three times faster

Built completely new materials processing chip improves performance and video up to three times faster compared to other competing processors on the market. Realizes ultra fast video recording at 2X higher frame rate and
for even smoother and more realistic recording and playback of video frames.

Ultrafast Video Recording

Single camera 720p at up to 60 frames per second - To capture HD video 1280x720 pixels with 2x higher frequency images (60fps) than other models on the market (30fps).
video recording ultra fast dod
Full HD Video

Full HD High Quality

High-quality Full HD 1080p HD video recording and a 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor that will guarantee real pleasure when viewing recorded video recordings.

3D noise reduction / 3D Noise Reduction

Brand new noise filtering algorithm provides a more effective filtering of image noise, especially in low respectively. in low light conditions. It is a visible difference!

3d noise
Wide Dynamic

Dynamic Range Image - Wide Dynamic Range

Get the light under control! WDR is a powerful new imaging technology designed to record high quality, sharp images even at high contrast, strong backlight, glare, and light reflection at different, using different exposure levels to ensure clarity, regardless of light or dark areas. WDR With advanced technology such as night clearer images.

Six-element (Component) camera lens

Six-element (Component) camera lens captures light more efficiently and their precision engineering track light sensitive lens is capable of producing crisp, crystal clear images.

Six element lens

Panoramic image with up to 140 ° ultra wide angle

Wide angle shot, ultra wide view without distortion. Brand newly designed optical lens captures images with ultra-wide field of view, which covers up to 140 degrees without image distortion ..

F1.6 large aperture lens

The larger the aperture, the better low light performance! F1.6 bright lens increases light transmittance while shooting and recording in low light conditions, making it possible to capture stunning depth of field and excellent images at night.

bright colors

Highly sensitive sensor

Full HD CMOS image sensor realizes sharpest details and clarity of high-definition video to 1080p. In addition, high-sensitivity CMOS sensor captures light and effectively transform light energy into digital data, ensuring the best results with outstanding performance.

If you are still hesitating see a very useful test and review (although in English) autokamier leading manufacturers to CARCAMCENTRAL.com which were also evaluated DOD cameras.

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About DOD Tech Co., Ltd.

Company DOD Tech Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 1993 and among its main activities include the area of development and production of cameras in the car - black boxes on which the firm specializes. Because of their experience and quality products DOD Tech is a market leader in black boxes.

dod tech

Our goal is to provide a product that meets the needs of customers worldwide. Constant product innovation, improvement of technological processes using modern technology ensures the position of a pioneer in digital cameras.