Car camera DOD LS475W+ with FULL HD 60fps

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Car camera DOD LS475W+ with FULL HD 60fps, GPS logger with 10x faster update, 145° angle of view, 6G glass lens, ISO up to 12800, WDR 2.0. The DOD LS475W+ camera is the direct successor of the DOD LS470W+ model and is among the best-rated car cameras worldwide. Continuing the popular LS470W series of cameras, the new DOD LS475W+ takes another step forward and adds several unique features.
FULL HD resolution 1920x1080P at 60fps (frames per second), support for up to 128 GB micro SD (normal cameras only up to 32GB) on which you can save up to 18 hours of recording, 900mAh battery, wide viewing angle of 145° and large 3" TFT LCD display 16:9. It is equipped with a brand new SONY STARVIS (Starlight Visibility) IMX291 sensor, which offers a revolutionary night mode, even in complete darkness!!!

DOD LS475W+ has H.264 image compression, MOV file, data stream approx. 20 Mbps. One minute at resolution 1080p 60fps video is approx. 150 MB. You can turn the image 180 degrees (the camera can be mounted "down the head"). It has a very useful addition - an adjustable circular polarizing filter that effectively reduces reflected light.

A premium camcorder that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

up to 475w+ cpl filter


Technologically, this is the "next generation" car camera - with the latest technologies (optics, microchips, functions) that the car market offers.

Certified car camera for use throughout the EU (ie also in Austria, Germany and other member states). They meet the criteria of technical standards and can be used in the vehicle.

SONY STARVIS Sensor - (Star visibility or visibility in starlight)

sony starvis sensor dod camera

6G glass lens - a combination of six layers of glass, providing a stunningly bright, clean and undistorted image. It has a 10x speed ​​GPS processor, the fastest GPS car technology ensures accurate tracking of vehicle speed and ultra-fast GPS positions of your path. The package comes with a completely new redesigned and enhanced software on your PC - DOD GPS 2.0 player.

The leader on the market of car safety and monitoring


The big advantage is the improved parking mode function of the new generation upgrade 3.0. A good camera records while driving, but a better camera will keep your vehicle under surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have a choice of 1 of 3 modes of enhanced parking mode which suits you best: 1. AUTOMATIC MOTION DETECTION or 2.HIGH-RESOLUTION in Mini size mode - high resolution in mini size (default setting), or 3. TIME LAPSE - time lapse recording. Ensure the peace and quiet by constant recording even when you have parked and left the car.

parking surveillance 3.0
*The condition is to have the latest camera firmware updated*


new version of parking monitor 3.0


You can see how the new improved parking mode 3.0 works directly in this video:

1. Auto detection of movement or impact

Moving objects in front of the camera, or a dramatic change in lighting or any impact, will be evaluated automatically and recording will start if the movement/change reaches the set parameter. When motion or shock is detected, it starts recording a video file from both cameras at the same time and locks the file..

auto detection

parking mode car camera


2. High-Res mode - high resolution in mini size

With a really minimal change in the quality of the recorded video, DOD Tech technology is the first and only one that manages in parking mode to record the entire recording during your absence in the vehicle with only a minimal reduction in video quality. The whole night on the video will take up about 10 GB. Less than 1/5 of the classic file size.

high-res high resolution


3. Time lapse

Do you park more days? The time delay allows you to check the contents of the days in a few minutes. The time-lapse camera takes pictures (according to the set frame rate). The function will automatically group the captured photos into a continuous video. Thanks to which you will be able to see the record from e.g. 24 hours within few minutes. Suitable for monitoring the vehicle during your long absence. Therefore, it is intended capturing static pictures, so the vehicle must not be moving

time lapse time collection

Improved parking mode, which automatically starts 10 minutes after leaving the vehicle. When you continue driving, the camera switches back to mode of recording mode in the loop. With the SONY STARVIS Sensor, you can also enjoy the revolutionary night vision for the front camera and even in complete darkness. The condition is that the camera is powered via a car battery using a set of cables for permanent installation in the DOD DP4 vehicle. *The condition is the update the latest firmware for the camera.*

rc500s parking monitor

The camera can be easily attached onto the windscreen by using a suction cup with a holder that is attached into the camera with a simple way. Wide 145° viewing angle captures events in front of the vehicle and on sides, automatic time calibration using GPS. You will also appreciate the GPS logger function of your ride record (GPS location, current speed). You will be able to see videos on your PC with the supplied software. Ideal for companies to control ride of staff, professional drivers. The camera can be connected to a 12/24V power supply, so it is possible to use it exept the automobile also for other vehicles, trucks or buses. In the event of an accident, a severe braking or a tilting of the car, the camera set has the G sensor function, which protects the files against the impact. Also, in an emergency, users can manually protect an existing file by long pressing the "SOS" button.

The new models of car cameras DOD LS475W+, LS500W and RC500S+  are currently the top of the black boxes offer on the world's market.

That is prooved not only by used technologies, but mainly with the satisfaction of drivers who actively use these cameras. Their price is relatively higher, but they offer top technology and make records that can also be used as an proove at the accident. With these cameras is not possible, that you are not able to read the licence plate of the vehicle that has damaged or threatened you.

Support up to 128 GB micro SD card (approx. 18 hours of recording)

ls475w+ installation in the car

Product features:

Excellent FULL HD resolution 1080p at 60fps
Motion blur reduction
Extended ISO range up to ISO 12800
Advanced WDR 2.0 Technology - stunning video at any light
Adjustable circular polarizing filter
Parking surveillance

1080p @ 60fps cinematic video recording
It offers to users a stabilized and continuous video recording at 1080P with 60 frames per second, increasing the amount of details what you can see.

ls475w full hd 1080p 60fps

Motion blur reduction
Other drivers go too fast and their license plate numbers might be washed out in the video? Motion blur reduction technology is used to increase the clarity of fast moving objects.

ls475w+ blur reduction

Extended ISO range up to 12800
The DOD LS475W+ has a new Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor with improved sensitivity not only in normal lighting but also in poor lighting conditions. Enhanced range increases the brightness of fast-moving objects at night. The camera can now capture even more details in ultra low light conditions.

ls475w+ iso 12800

Advanced WDR 2.0 technology
Stunning video in any light and balanced exposure in every condition. Makes night shots brighter and reduces light exposure to achieve the most beautiful image..

ls475w+ wdr technology

Large f/1.6 aperture, high performance in low light
Big aperture reflects the amount of light falling on the sensor when shooting. The larger is the aperture (smaller number f), the more light will be captured in the camera sensor. With the widest apperture, which is 66% larger than the competition on the market, DOD cameras produce the sharpest picture.

ls475w+ 1.6 lens aperture

6G sharp glass lens
The 6-element sharp lens, made from six layers of glass, provides a stunning, clean and undistorted image

ls475w+ 6g glass lens

Wide viewing angle of 145 °
Image capture at a wide viewing angle of 145° for optimal coverage and clarity. The camera is equipped with an extremely wide-angle lens, which strengthens the range of image recording because   the panoramic view from the vehicle covers all sides without distortion (i.e. no distorted image).

ls475w+ 145 degree wide viewing angle

Adjustable circular polarizing filter - effectively reduces reflected light
The adjustable filter eliminates the dazzle of the windshield and at the same time increases the saturation. Reduces unwanted reflections and excessive exposure or polarizing effects to ensure the highest quality image and protect your lens.

ls475w+ polarizing filter

Large 3" LCD screen
Large 3" 16: 9 widescreen display - the camera has a large wide-screen display, that offers a bright and large screen suitable for viewing of settings and playing videos directly on the camera's display.

ls475w+ 3 inch display

High performance battery
High-performance Li-ion battery 900mAh (DOD LS470W+ has 650mAh). In the absence of the power supply, it increases the monitoring time (parking mode) and so provides more protection.

ls475w+ highly efficient 900mAh battery

GPS processor with 10 Hz speed
Integrated with the fastest 10Hz speed GPS, logging more precise data of the vehicle location and speed. Allows you to record your route on a map while watching the videos in DOD player.

ls475w+ 10x gps processor

DOD GPS Player V2.0
The new version of DOD GPS Player 2.0 with improved user interface is even with better clarity. It displays FULL HD video recordings with real-time data like vehicle speed, gps coordinates, overload.The internet connection shows the current location of the vehicle on Google maps.

ls475w+ dod player

Detection of speed ​​radar
The system reminds you that you are near the location with speed limit and where a radar can be placed, so you can slow down. Avoid traps and have always your drive under control.
* Currently, the system supports the following countries: USA, CA, UK, NO, PL, NL, BE, AU.
ls475w+ radar alert
Synchronization of time and date
Automatic time calibration, independent of manual time adjustment. With a built-in 10x speed GPS processor, it can accurately calibrate local time and automatically store it in camera memory.
ls475w+ date and time synchronization
Path analysis
It is a new feature to calculate the distance, time and average speed of your route from point A to point B. For example, you can find the shortest or fastest way to work from your home, based on data from path analysis. It is a very economical and practical way to save time and fuel consumption.
ls475w+ path analysis
G-sensor protection against impact
In an accident, emergency braking, or tilting of a car, it will automatically protect all stored and current records. With this feature, files will not be deleted or overwritten, even when recording in a time loop.
ls475w+ gsensor
Manual file lock - SOS protection
In case of an emergency, it allows users to protect an existing file by long pressing the "SOS" button, which keeps the file from the recording loop and protects against being overwritten by other files.
ls475w+ manual file lock
Automatic recording and shutdown
After the vehicle is started, the camera will automatically start recording. When you turn off the engine, the camera turns off automatically without pressing any button.
ls475w+ auto on off
Loop recording - Cyclic recording
When the storage space on the inserted microSD card is full, it can automatically overwrite older files with new ones, so the files are constantly re-deleted.
ls475w+ loop recording
Password protection
Once you set your password, you can prevent others from deleting your videos or photos. This is a very useful feature for companies that have their own drivers.
ls475w+ password protection
Supports 128GB Micro SD cards
4x higher memory compatibility compared to older camera models, supports up to 128GB micro SD with over 18 hours of recording.
ls475w+ 128gb micro sd card


Video resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60fps
Sensor: SONY STARVIS CMOS sensor
Wide-angle lens: 145 °
Aperture: f/1.6
ISO sensitivity: up to ISO 12800
Display: 3" TFT LCD 16:9
Video format: MOV
Recording media: Micro SDHC/SDXC Class 10 (up to 128GB support)
Audio: Microphone and speaker (mono) included
Battery: lithium battery with 3,7V 900mAh capacity
Input power: 5V 1A
Size: 112,6 (D) x 71,9 (W) x 36,4 (V) mm, (4,4"x 2,8" x 1,4")
Weight: 145g
Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 65 ° C, (-4 ° F ~ 149 ° F)


Supplied accessories:

1x Profi car camera DOD LS475W+
1x Car charger 12-24V (4M Extension Cable)
1x Joint holder
1x CPL filter
1x Manual

+ Micro SD card 16GB
+ Set of cabling for permanent installation in the vehicle
+ Antislip pad


up to ls475w+ accessories



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