DOD Champion Sp1 - Motorsport dashcam - First info of new model

9. 6. 2021

New model of DOD Car DVRs comming soon - DOD Champion SP1..

For you, car enthusiast, it´s time to release your passion in your blood and to get thrill of racing right away. DOD knows you often tend to enjoy testing your cars´ performance. However, it´s to access to that kind of device. DOD Champion Sp1 Motorsport Dashcam embeds advanced 10Hz GPS processor and innovative motion sensors to record vehicle performance characteristics, such as speed, distance, path, split times and 0-100 km/h acceleration. All parameters are logged to a memory card for later review and comparison. Not like other devices providing only driving data record, DOD Champion SP1 also equips with a worked-class camera to record full HD 1080p video of your driving experience. With DOD Champion SP1, you can get instant feedback on your driving and to catch valuable improvements in your times, and to share every amazing video of stunning driving experience with your friends.


New functions:  

0-100 km/h

It´s time to test your vehicles performance on 0-100km/h acceleration. An advanced 10Hz GPS processor and innovative motion sensors provides the accurate data of speed and split time. With DOD Champion series, it´s an excellent opportunity to get better understanding of your car performance and racing thrill.

DOD acceleration meter

¼ Mile Timer (0-400 m)

Have you ever wondered how fast your vehicle can run? Just hit the hotkey, you are ready to measure your vehicle acceleration performance. DOD Champion SP1 will automatically display the may speed, driving distance, and travel time in seconds.

dod champion sp1

100-0 km/h Brake Test

Image you accelerate to 100km/h and then brake to zero in split time. DOD Champion Sp1 gives you the reliable results of braking time and braking distance.

DOD champion sp1 breake test

Lap Timer

Just start driving and after completing a lap without pressing any buttons to mark the start/finish line, utilizing an internal 10Hz GPS lightning fast processor, DOD Champion Sp1 will automatically stop your laps and display your lap time and your best record.

DOD champion sp1 lap time

10X speed GPS processor

The latest and fastest 10X speed GPS processor, updates GPS data 10 times per second, recording your driving conditions accurately.

Furthermore, precise local time is calibrated and stored into the dashcam automatically no matter which country you are. In addition, with HUD speed display, 10X speed update rate orivides accurate stroke-by-stroke car speed records; no more last second speed is displayed.


Path Analyzing

The Path Analyzing is a new function to calculate the distance, time, and average speed of your journey from A to B. For example, you can find out the shortest or quickest path from your home to work place by the data of path analyzing. It´s a very economical and practical way to save your time and fuel consumption.

PATH ANALYZING  dod champion sp1

World-Class Camera

The DOD Champion equips a world-class camera to record crystal-clear videos in any light. Pictured by SONY EXMOR image sensor with 3x ISO sensitivity and preceded by an advanced video engine with WDR imaging technology, the DOD Champion is able to capture light in control and record amazing videos of your journey. 

The Impressive DOD GPS Player V2.0

Want to show your drive to your friends? The DOD GPS Player 2.0 generates Full HD video recordings with real-time driving data clearly at a glance.