11. 10. 2022


The DOD company has developed a completely new 3rd generation parking mode for the DOD RC500S, DOD LS500W and DOD LS475W+ models. A big advantage is the improved parking mode function system of the new generation upgrade 3.0. A good camera records while driving, but a better camera will keep your vehicle under surveillance 24/7. You have a choice of 1 of 3 modes of the improved parking mode which will suit you the most: 1. AUTOMATIC MOTION DETECTION or 2. HIGH-RESOLUTION in Mini size mode (default setting) or 3. TIME LAPSE. Ensure peace and quiet with continuous recording even when you have parked and left the car.
parking surveillance 3.0
*The condition is to have the latest camera firmware updated*


new version of parking monitor 3.0


You can see how the new improved parking mode 3.0 works directly in this video:

1. Auto detection of movement or impact

Moving objects in front of the camera, or a dramatic change in lighting or any impact, will be evaluated automatically and recording will start if the movement/change reaches the set parameter. When motion or shock is detected, it starts recording a video file from both cameras at the same time and locks the file..

auto detection


2. High-Res mode - high resolution in mini size

With a really minimal change in the quality of the recorded video, DOD Tech technology is the first and only one that manages in parking mode to record the entire recording during your absence in the vehicle with only a minimal reduction in video quality. The whole night on the video will take up about 10 GB. Less than 1/5 of the classic file size.

high-res high resolution


3. Time lapse - time collection

Do you park more days? The time delay allows you to check the contents of the days in a few minutes. The time-lapse camera takes pictures (according to the set frame rate). The function will automatically group the captured photos into a continuous video. Thanks to which you will be able to see the record from e.g. 24 hours within few minutes. Suitable for monitoring the vehicle during your long absence. Therefore, it is intended capturing static pictures, so the vehicle must not be moving.

time lapse - time collection

Improved parking mode, which automatically starts 10 minutes after leaving the vehicle. When you continue driving, the camera switches back to mode of recording mode in the loop. With the SONY STARVIS Sensor, you can also enjoy the revolutionary night vision for the front camera and even in complete darkness. The condition is that the camera is powered via a car battery using a set of cables for permanent installation in the DOD DP4 vehicle. 

*The condition for activating parking mode 3.0 for available models is to update the latest camera firmware.*

You can download the latest firmware for individual models of DOD cameras directly on this page: