Hummer H2 12000mAh starter box - 6L gasoline/4L diesel engines

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Hummer H2 12000mAh starter box for engines up to 6,0L gasoline/4,0L diesel - It is a practical and powerful starter and power bank that will help you in any emergency situation whether on the road or at home. Thanks to its high performance, it can provide a strong enough impulse to start the vehicle and at the same time it also serves as a portable power bank for your electronic devices. The Hummer H2 can start the car even with a completely discharged battery, so cold winter mornings will no longer be a fear for you. No more complicated starting the car with long starter cables and with the help of a neighbor's car.

hummer h2 starter box

Have a back up in the form of a powerful power bank that kicks your vehicle and you will never be late at work because of the minus temperature or because you forgot to  turn off the lights of the car. The low battery will never surprise you anymore, with this Hummer jump starter box. The start box will playfully recharge any electronic device such as a mobile phone, notebook, tablet, camera, navigation and more with DC 5V power. Using included adapter with car lighter connector 12V you can power any 12V electronic devices such as a hand-held vacuum cleaner, air compressor, polisher, etc. At the same time, you can charge the starter box not only at home, but also on the roads with the included car charger.

car starter with power bank

The device also includes a powerful LED lamp with 3 modes - normal battery, SOS, stroboscope. Thanks to its miniature size and light weight it is a truly practical portable helper that can easily fit into your pocket, handbag or into your car. The powerful and at the same time multifunctional Hummer starter box in an attractive design with high-quality processing is available in our e-shop in three models. Choose according to your needs and leave nothing to chance.



Starting up of a petrol/diesel engine.
Power bank for various electronic devices
LED lamp with 3 modes
Practical dimensions


Battery capacity: 12,000mAh/44,4 Wh
Battery type: Li-Ion
Cycle of battery life: 1000+
Battery standby time: More than 9 months
Starting current: 12V/300A ~ 600A
USB output: 5V/2,1A; 5V/1,1A
Output: 12V/10A
Input: 14V/1A
Operating temperature: -20° C to 60° C
Dimensions: (W) 8,4 cm (H) 18,3 cm (H) 3 cm
Weight: 540 g


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