DUOVOX V9 camera - COLOR night vision 5MP with F1.0 aperture

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DUOVOX V9 car camera FULL HD - COLOR night vision with F1.0 aperture and 5MP up to 300 meters distance and 8" monitor. This complete SET of car cameras includes the main front camera with monitor and rear - reversing camera with wide angle lens and 140° viewing angle. The front camera has perfect night vision, which is full color and has visibility up to 300 meters with a viewing angle of 72°. You do not have to watch anymore the black and white night footage from regular camcorder videos. You really won't believe this record until you see it.

Dual-channel video records from both the front and rear cameras at the same time - 2-channel video recording on a micro SD card. The recording is stored on a micro SD card, which is supported up to 128GB in size. Images and video are recorded in high FULL HD resolution - 1920x1080 pixels. The new generation of night vision - the color image even during complete darkness is guaranteed by a 7-layer glass lens with an F1.0 aperture. Night vision on this camera reaches visibility up to 300 meters. On the large 8" monitor you can watch the image from both cameras at once, or you can simply switch the image to full screen for a particular camera (when reversing with the rear camera with a wide-angle lens with 140° viewing angle). You can power the camera in 3 ways - cigarette lighter, ACC, or OBD connector.

The incredible NIGHT VISION of the new generation guarantees the COLORED IMAGE even in COMPLETE DARKNESS

car camera with night vision color duovox v9


7-layer glass lens with F1.0 aperture

duovox v9 - super night vision

Adjustable lens angle - front camera with 72° viewing angle and rear reversing camera with 140°

dual car camera v9
car camera set v9
duovox v9 dual-channel camera

DUOVOX V9 - dual black box for the car with unique night vision - PROMO VIDEO

The TIMELAPSE function - parking mode records a time-lapse video, even after turning off the engine with low energy consumption and battery discharge protection

parking monitoring duovox v9

duovox v9 car camera - night vision

Thanks to the Duovox car camera, you will see perfectly even during the night, rain, snow or fog

car camera with night vision duovox v9
car camera for rain duovox v9
car camera for snow duovox v9
duovox v9 car fog camera

A lens with an aperture of F1.0 ensures a perfect color image even in complete darkness

Comparison of the visibility of the DUOVOX V9 and the Huawei P40 smartphone and a classic car camera
f1.0 aperture car camera

          View with the naked eye during the day       VS        A view through the DUOVOX camera at night

duovox car camera day vs night

You can set the G-sensor to low, medium and high levels. When a collision is detected, the video is marked with an anti-delete lock - before, during and after the collision, the recording thus remains protected for overwriting on the SD card

collision sensor g sensor car camera
g sensor recording

When recording cyclically, the old recordings are replaced with new ones when the SD card is full. You set the length of the looping video to 1, 3, or 5 minutes.

cyclic recording camera to car duovox v9

Micro SD card is supported up to 128GB

duovox v9 car camera

The camera can be powered in 3 ways - cigarette lighter, OBD connector and ACC connection to 12-24V

duovox v9 car camera power supply

power supply duovox camera duovox v9

DUOVOX V9 - dual FULL HD car camera with the best night vision

best night vision car camera

The Duovox V9 car camera is suitable for all types of cars

types of cars suitable for duovox v9 car camera



8-inch monitor for displaying both cameras
Colorful night vision up to 300 meters
F1.0 aperture lens
Dual video recording with audio
FULL HD 1920x1080 resolution
Front and rear camera


Technical specifications:

Front camera with monitor:

Model: DUOVOX V9
Processor: SONY MCCD photosensitive chip
Night vision lens: 7-layer all-glass lens
Number of pixels: 5M
Aperture: F1.0
Chip: full-color HWDR image processing technology, 2 cores
Output signal: AHD Sony digital HD decoding, PAL format
Screen: IPS 8-inch monitor with a resolution of 1280x480 pixels
Image and video resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
Video format: MP4
Shooting: 30fps
Viewing angle: 72°
Minimum lighting: 0.0001 Lux
Night vision range: 300 meters
Memory: support for micro SD cards up to 128GB
Operating voltage: 12V
Operating current: 1A
Operating temperature: -20 to 85 ° C
Storage temperature: -55 to 125 ° C
Dimensions: 245x85 mm

Rear camera:

Night vision lens: 7-layer all-glass lens
Number of pixels: 5M
Aperture: F1.0
Image and video resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
Minimum lighting: 0.0001 Lux
Shooting: 30fps
Viewing angle: 140 °
Dimensions: 44x53 mm
Water resistance


Package contents:

1x Front camera with monitor and stand
1x Rear camera with holder
1x Power cord
3x Power adapter (cigarette lighter, OBD, ACC)
1x Extension cable for rear camera
1x Connecting cable
1x 3M sticker
8x Adhesive clip on the cable
1x USB micro SD card reader
1x Plastic crowbar
1x Adhesive toning foil for the display
1x Manual

contents of the duovox v9 package

duovox v9 rear camera package contents


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