DOD LS470W+ Premium model of car DVR

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The best and most powerful car DVR DOD LS470W+ with FULL HD, GPS logger with 10x faster updates, 150 ° viewing angle, 7G glass lens, ISO up to 12800, WDR 2.0.

Camera model DOD LS470W+ is compared to the model DOD LS470W equipped with a polarizing filter, battery with higher capacity 650mAh (battery life 3 hours), a larger display of 3,0 ". Other parameters and properties of DOD cameras LS470W and LS470W+ are identical.

Models of DOD car cameras LS470W and LS470W+ currently represent the best of contemporary offer of all the black boxes in cars in the global market. It is proved not only by used technology, but mainly with satisfaction of drivers who actively use this camera. Its price is relatively higher, but offers superior technology and produces the records that can actually be used even as the evidence of accidents. With this camera you can be sure that you can always read the license plate of the vehicle which made damage or threatens your vehicle. Meets the criteria of technical standards and can be used in the vehicle.

Absolute novelty DOD LS470W+ disposes with Sony EXMOR sensor with a new advanced WDR 2.0 technology that increases light sensitivity up to ISO 12800 (DOD LS460W only up to 3200). It is equipped with a new 150 ° wide-angle without any distortion (DOD LS460W 140 ° angle). 7G glass lens - a combination of seven layers of glass, provides a stunningly bright, clear and undistorted image (DOD LS 460W - 6G glass lens). It has a 10x Speed ​​GPS processor, the fastest car GPS technology ensures accurate tracking of vehicle speed and ultra-fast GPS position of your journey (DOD LS460W - 5x Speed ​​GPS processor). The camera comes with a brand new redesigned and improved software for PC - DOD GPS 2.0 player (DOD LS460W - DOD GPS 1.6 player). Also was added feature The Parking mode - monitoring during parking when the camera will detect the movement of objects in front of the camera and automatically captures the records.

  The new champion is coming right now - the camera DOD LS470W+ !!!

dod ls470w + promo

The camera is can be easily attached to the windshield using a suction cup with holder, that is easily attachable to the camera. Built-in G-sensor for automatic startup of file protection on impact, emergency braking or when car is tilted, will automatically protect all current and stored video files. It provides FULL HD video quality with resolution up to 1920x1080. It has a 3.0 "TFT LCD 16:9 display for easy viewing and video settings. The wide 150 ° viewing angle records the events in front of the vehicle and at both sides, the automatic calibration of time by using GPS, HUD compass display, HUD speed display. You will certainly appreciate the function of GPS Logger, the record of your ride (GPS location, current speed). You can view your videos on your PC using the supplied software. Ideal for companies to control driving staff or professional drivers etc. The camera can be connected to a power supply 12/24V so using is possible without any problems, not only in personal vehicle but even in other vehicles, for example trucks or buses. 


Polarizing filter - significantly reduces reflective glare. It allows improved images, better contrast and most importantly, it significantly reduces reflections on the windshield, so images are clearer and without glare..

polarizing filter DOD LS470W +


High performance 650mAh battery (DOD LS470W 200mAh) means 3x bigger battery life compared to DOD LS470W. In the absence of the power supply increases the time of monitoring (parking mode) and so it provides more protection.

high-performance battery 650mAh DOD LS470W +


3 '' 16:9 widescreen display (DOD LS470W 2,7 "display). The camera has a large widescreen display that provides a clear and sufficiently large image suitable for displaying of settings and playing of videos directly on the camera display.

3 "display dod ls470w +

DOD LS470W+ now supports ultra-high sensitivity of ISO 12800. The extended range increases the clarity of fast moving objects in the night. The camera can now capture more details in ultra low light conditions.

ISO 12800 dod ls470w

F1.6 large aperture lens - the larger aperture, the more powerful performance in low light! Sony Exmor sensor enhances the ability of light transfer in low light conditions, allowing you to capture stunning depth of sharpness and excellent night vision.

Lens F1.6 dod ls470w


Built-in 10x speed GPS processor, the latest technology of car GPS ensures accurate tracking of vehicle speed and ultra-fast GPS position of your ride in real time. Currently it is the fastest GPS updates used in car cameras.

10 GPS updates dod ls470w

The new version of DOD GPS Player 2.0 with improved user interface is even clearer. Shows FULL HD video recordings with data in real time such as vehicle speed, GPS coordinates, overload, etc. When is connected to internet, the present position of the vehicle is displayed on Google Maps.

DOD gps player 2.0


Displaying of details (Watermark) on the video. When happens an accident or other road events, this feature lets you instantly check the vehicle location (GPS coordinates), vehicle speed or the exact date and time of the recording. And this will strengthen the credibility of evidence at the proving of responsibility.

watermark dod ls470w


Advanced 7G glass lens - a combination of seven layers of glass, it is a sophisticated 7G sharp lens, provides a stunningly bright, clear and undistorted image.

7 g glass lens dod ls470w +

150 ° wide viewing angle. The camera is equipped with ultra wide-angle lens, which enhances the range of image recording, because the panoramic view of the front of the vehicle captures all sides without distortion (i.e. undistorted image).

150 ultra wide angle dod ls470w +

The Path analysis is new function to calculate the distance, time and average speed of your journey from point A to point B. For example, you can identify the shortest or fastest route from your home to work on the basis of data from an analysis of the path. It is very economical and practical way how to save time and fuel consumption.

path analysis dod ls470w +


The new Advanced Technology WDR 2.0 - Stunning video in any light and balanced exposure in any conditions. Produces brighter night shots, and reduces strong exposure of light to reach the most beautiful picture.

WDR technology dod ls 470W +


Automatic calibration of time, independent of manual adjustment of time. With build-in 10x GPS speed processor is able to indicate the local exact calibrated time and automatically store it in the camera's memory.

HUD compass dod ls470w +

HUD speed and compass display. The device is able to indicate which direction you are heading. And thanks to 10x faster GPS update provides accurate monitoring of the actual vehicle speed.

DOD LS470W + HUD display

G-sensor data protection on impact. In case of a crash, accident, emergency braking or when the car is tilted, it will automatically protect all current and stored video files. Through this function the important files will not be deleted or overwritten when recording in a time loop.
g-sensor dod ls470w +
Manual SOS protection. In case of emergency allows users to protect existing file with long pressing of the "SOS" button, which saves a file from a recording loop and prevents its overwritten by another file.
sos manualna protection dod ls470w +
Monitoring during parking. Turn on this feature at constant power supply, and the camera will detect the movement of objects in front of the camera. When the camera evaluates that there is not any movement in front of the vehicle, it automatically turns off the video recording. This function is suitable for protection of vehicle or against stealing of things.
monitoring parking dod ls470w +

Comparison of models DOD

We have prepared for you a comparative table of technical features, functions and accessories of car cameras of brand DOD. The table can be downloaded directly here.

Compared Camera dod


Product specifications:

Video Resolution: 1920x1080 @ 30fps, 1280x720 @ 30fps, 1280x720 @ 60fps, 848x480 @ 30fps, 640x480 @ 30fps
Sensor: SONY Exmor CMOS
Wide-angle: 150 ° ultra-wide angle lens
Lens aperture: f 1.6
ISO Sensitivity: up to 12800
LCD screen: 3,0 "16:9 widescreen
Video format: H.264 MOV
Support: Micro SDHC Class 10 memory card (support up to 32GB)
Audio: Built-in microphone/speaker
Battery: Built-in high-capacity 3,7V lithium battery 650mAh
Power supply: 5V 1A
Dimensions: 112 (L) x 71,9 (W) x39,2 (H) mm
Weight: 140 g

Included accessories:

1x Professional Car camera DOD LS470W+
1x Car charger
1x Holder
1x Suction cup
1x CPL filter
1x CD with DOD GPS Player 2.0
1x  Manual

dod ls470w+ accessories

Samples of camera records of DOD LS470W+ - Set the image resolution to the maximum. But even then, YouTube does not play the video in original quality, so original files you can download here: daily test of speed ride, night test of the city center and night test of the side roads with no streetlights.  


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