DOD LS460W vs. DOD LS430W Comparison, Test, Review

DOD LS460W vs. DOD LS430W - Comparison, Test, Review of these two top models of car dvrs. Almost a year we have been waited for the new model of car cameras of brand DOD. The latest model of DOD LS460W is the direct successor of TOP model LS430W, which has got many awards and holds the leading position in the market of car cameras. In this article we will discuss all the differences between these two models and try to point out the improvements of new DOD LS460W.


Comparison of cameras

As first we will focus on the design, the used materials and control buttons of the camera. At first sight, there is a little difference between the LS430W and LS460W. Cameras have the same size, color, and also the same materials of which they are made. LS460W operates with much more elegant design, so its sleek and simplified look will not be conspicuous inside of the car, what will appreciate especially owners of luxury cars.


DOD DOD LS460W vs LS430W


Plastic covers are made ​​very well. While handling with the camera, there is no crackling and all holds tightly. The shape of the camera fits perfectly in your hand, what makes the manipulation pleasant and particularly fast. The buttons of the camera LS460W went through the innovation and each key is separated by a large gap, so you will always be sure that you press the right button.

Another change is the control and camera menu. Controlling of the previous model is very practical and intuitive. Even non-technical person should not have a problem with the camera controlling and setting. The menu in the latest models LS460W is exactly same intuitive and easy to control as previous model, but its enhanced design is even clearer and more attractive. Although it is not so essential detail, this fact will pleasantly delight many camera owners. And a perfectly supplement is a large 2.7 "LCD screen. 


Comparison LS460w VS LS430w dod menu


Software for PC DOD Player is the same in both models. It is also very clear and data as for example the actual or average speed, the data from the G-sensor, the compass and position on the map, are clear and well organized.


LS430W LS460W PC software DOD Player


This time we will focus on more complex field of technical parameters and we will try to explain to everyone by understandable way. LS460W model was even improved in order to fight for the title of the most prestigious camera in the car. The changes came using higher quality and bigger sensor Sony Exmor, also faster processor and Time Lapse function was used. The standard for both cameras is FULL HD resolution at 30 fps (frames per second), time loop with re-recording of old records with the possibility of the lock against deleting, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), f/1.6 aperture, 6G glass lens, motion detection, automatic switching on and off camera, GPS logger and sensor of overloading. These features has stayed in the same quality and both models of cameras have no differences. During testing, they worked well, but for some functions are necessary correct settings to to avoid mutual distortion of functions.

Sony Exmor CMOS sensor has been designed specifically  for car camera DOD LS460W. This sensor is 20% bigger than sensor used in LS430W, as well as the cells for capturing the light. Consequently, the camera captures larger image even while keeping the original range of the viewing angle of 140 °.

Comparing a top model DOD


The new processor in LS460W was able to work fast enough even at maximum load of camera. Processor in the camera LS430W is also very fast and reliable.

Time Lapse function was tested in a parked car. Thanks to the possibility to adjust the frame rate from 200ms to 5s. you can choose fluency of the video, what camera will automatically put together ​​from made photos. This function will save a lot of space on the memory card, the battery will last longer and will save your time especially when you view records. We left the car parked on a busy street for 3 hours. The camera workrd nicely and made photos every second. According to it we viewed the events arround the car in continuous video in 3 minutes.

Built-in Li-on battery in LS460W has a bit smaller capacity 240mAh against LS430W, but despite of that, this batery lasted to power the camera after disconnection from the cigarette lighter a little longer than LS430W, so we were quite surprised.

Recording quality is superior at both cameras, but we noticed little difference. LS430W has saturated colors against the newest model. And LS460W after testing has beer sharpness and size of recorded area. The latest model LS460W can automatically adjust the ISO up to 3200. We suppose, that this feature causes lower saturation, but during recording at night, this camera is unique and records are very clear and more visible than at the previous model.



The function WDR worked reliably at both cameras and we have not noticed any situation during testing with too much lighting or darkening of the image.


Test cameras

The cameras DOD LS430W and LS460W we have tested for a week, in parallel at the same conditions. The cameras were placed side by side in the appropriate place on the windscreen using the original suction cups. Records were made in a in all lighting conditions, while driving, but also in a parked vehicle. Cameras were recording simultaneously and had the same default settings of video quality and other parameters. In the same way, we also made photos. Comparison of records from two cameras we provided using HDMI cable, which was connected to the TV Samsung in Full HD.


Daily record - there is a little difference in quality of made records. At first sight, LS430W camera has nicer record, but after testing came out, that car-camera LS460W is even better. DOD LS430W has vibrant colors and higher contrast, but LS460W can capture colouring of surrounding more realistic. Another difference is in the sharpness of the record. At this point again won the newer model. The using of larger sensor in LS460W is nicely seen in the captured photos. At the pictures of LS460W are captured more details on the edge of the image as at the photos of LS430W. The graining of the record was in both cameras at the minimum and comparatively the same. If we take into account that these records were recording at high speeds and despite of that they still provide superior quality, we gave to the camera DOD LS460W 9,5 points and to DOD LS430W 9 of 10 points

Night record - records the night showed significant differences between the cameras and showed the real progress in technologies that are used in the camera DOD LS460W. On these images started 3D noise reduction function used in LS460W. Automatic adapting of ISO values pushed the night record of camera LS460W to an even higher level and details of the night records are indeed very visible, not only at street lighting, but also on the side roads without lighting. But despite of that, LS430W camera still offers superior image quality. In this test we gave 10 of 10 points to camera DOD LS460W and 8,5 points to DOD LS430W camera.

Controls - Both cameras have the same intuitive menu, which you can handle in a few seconds. LS460W has new design of menu what looks elegantly. It also has a separate control buttons, so you can always be sure that you press the right button, even at handling in the dark. The controls of camera LS430W gained 9 points and camera LS460W 10 points.

GPS accuracy - we were interested in 5x GPS accuracy. GPS used in these cameras reacts very quickly and captures even sensitive changes in the acceleration of only about 2-3 km/h. Neither the rapid acceleration or braking did not cause jumping of speed in larger values for example the jump from 40 km/h to 70 km/h. In this test, we gave 9 points to both cameras.

Price - The prices of these cameras are indeed higher than other competitive models, but the quality of cameras matches the price. But despite of that we gave 7 points to the camera LS430W and 6 points to LS460W camera.

Comparative table LS430W vs. LS460W


The total quality of both tested car cameras is at a sufficiently high level, to keep these cameras in leading position in the market of black box car cameras. Even the latest model DOD LS460W defended the reputation of the brand by its design, functionality and using in practise. Although some manufacturers of branded car cameras offer relatively good models, the brand DOD constantly confirms that is a leader who can easily keep the distance from the average. This is confirmed by innovations in newer camera DOD LS460W versus successful predecessor DOD LS430W.


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